City hopes to see pool open

Nola Sizemore Staff Writer

September 16, 2013

Updating the council on the status of the old Loyall swimming pool at a recent meeting of the Loyall City Council, Mayor Clarence Longworth said two county magistrates, Jonathan Pope and Delbert Stephens, had spoken with him and offered their support for the pool’s re-opening.

“If the $500,000 set aside for the youth of Harlan County is split up between each magisterial district, these two magistrates have said they will put their $100,000 each toward the re-opening of the swimming pool,” said Longworth. “We still lack an additional $100,000. I spoke with the original builder of the pool and he was really excited about the possibility of the pool being re-opened for the residents across Harlan County.”

Longworth asked residents to speak with the other magistrates and ask them to help with this project.

“This pool can be used by every child and adult in this county,” said Longworth. “We don’t have a public swimming pool for our residents to enjoy. If we got enough support, we could even enclose the pool and use it year round.”

Longworth added he was told by Stephens “the county doesn’t want to run the pool.”

“The city of Loyall will accept the responsibility and make sure it is run correctly,” said Longworth. “It’s been four years since we got our last estimate and there’s a possibility there will be an adjustment to the last estimate we got. On the other hand, we have struggled to get money for this project, and I just recently read where Manchester got a $325,000 grant for their pool — the same thing we’ve been asking for. I’ve had so much input from people from the banks, churches and schools wanting to see this pool re-opened.

“I encourage everyone to contact your magistrates and the county judge-executive and ask them for their help in re-opening the pool — giving the youth of Harlan County a place to go to have good clean fun and enjoy a healthy sport.”

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