City board hears report on test results

Nola Sizemore Staff Writer

October 14, 2013

Harlan Independent Schools Supervisor of Instruction Dr. James Greene told the district’s board of education the district is once again ranked as a “distinguished district” under the 2013 Unbridled Learning System.

Greene, speaking during a recent special called meeting, said the high school is ranked as a “distinguished high school,” the elementary school is a “proficient school” and the middle school is also ranked as “proficient.”

“This is what the state wants them to be,” said Greene. “We’re real pleased that we have made these rankings. The district has remained as a distinguished district for the second year in a row and this is just the second year of the Unbridled Learning System (ULS).”

Greene explained the components of the ULS, saying currently it focuses on achievement and how well the district is doing on gap groups, which includes ethnic groups, free and reduced lunch students and special education students.

“It also focuses on student growth — how our students make a typical or expected growth from the previous year in reading and math,” said Greene. “It also looks at the middle/high school and are they on track to be ready for college and career. In high school only, it looks at is the graduation rate improving, because the goal is by the end of the decade the graduation rate statewide will be 98 percent — that 98 percent of the students who start high school will graduate in four years. They want kids to staying in school longer and not dropping out.”

Greene said the ULS will add more components to the system next year and the following year.

Recognizing some outstanding results, Greene told members of the board students in fourth and seventh grade science had an overall score of 100, which is the highest score possible.

He said fifth and eighth grade social studies students had an overall score of 99 and the high school social studies students scored 100.

“In language mechanics, the high school received an overall score of 100,” said Greene. “We’re real proud of those group of students for making these very high scores. We’ve shown a lot of growth in some areas and we’ve got some areas that we still need to work on.”

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