Slick roads blamed for single fatality wreck

Amelia Holliday — Staff Reporter

October 17, 2013

ARY—Louann Little had never been late for work without calling in.

“She’ll call and tell you if she’s going to be a minute late,” longtime friend Jeffrey Wayne Smith said.

When Glenna Chaney, who works at Chaney’s Restaurant in the Ary community of Perry County, did not get a call from Little nearly 10 minutes after her 10 a.m. shift started, she began to worry.

“I called her husband and asked where she was. He asked if she was at work and I said no, you better go make sure she’s all right,” Chaney said, adding that Little, who lived on Balls Fork, had been at Chaney’s for nearly two decades. “She just lives about 10 minutes away, so we knew something was wrong.”

Just after 10 a.m. Thursday morning, Perry County EMS responded to a call that a vehicle was overturned about a mile up Balls Fork Road, Perry County Deputy Chris Combs said. Upon arrival, EMS found a maroon Ford Explorer driven by 49-year-old Little on its top in the middle of the road.

“When I seen the ambulances come up Ball and she was late for work, I knowed something was wrong,” Smith said.

Combs said Little was the only person in the vehicle and no other cars were involved in the incident.

“The paramedic on scene determined that she was deceased and the coroner was called,” Combs said.

Combs added that the cause of the accident was due to weather conditions.

“It was slick,” Combs said, noting the curvy, wet road led to Little losing control of her vehicle and hitting the embankment, which caused her to flip.

Many on Balls Fork who knew Little were at the scene comforting family members. Smith said losing Little will be something everyone in the community feels because everyone knew her.

“I knowed her all my life. I was raised up with her around here.”

Chaney said the news still has staff at the restaurant in shock since it was so sudden and seemingly out of nowhere.

“She was like family,” she said. “I mean, we just found out this morning. It’s going to be real hard.”