Medical Assistants Week proclaimed

Nola Sizemore Staff Writer

October 22, 2013

Signing a proclamation declaring the week of Oct. 21 through Oct 25 as Medical Assistants Week, Harlan County Judge-Executive Joe Grieshop said ” the success story of all success stories is the community college system.”

“I told these students today that the medical assistant program is going to get them a job opportunity no matter where they are, because we don’t know where we’re going to land in life,” said Grieshop. “An education is going to give them an opportunity to earn an income.”

Grieshop said he began his college career in a small community college. Adding he probably would not have began college if he had had to go somewhere far away from home in the beginning.

“I asked some of these students if they had had to go to Lexington or somewhere else to complete this program would they have done it and most said no,” said Grieshop. “So, the bridge to success is the community college.”

Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College Associate Professor Leann Turner said the medical assistant program is a three-part program which deals with administrative, laboratory and clinical skills for which the students are trained in each of these three areas.

“Employment of medical assistants is expected to grow faster than average through the year 2018 as the health care industry expands,” said Turner. “Utilization of the medical assistants is expected to increase in the number of group practices, clinics and other health care facilities that need a high proportion of support personnel, particularly the flexible medical assistant who can handle both administrative and clinical duties.”

Turner added once the 18-month program is completed students may sit for the American Medical Technologist and take the registry exam to become a Registered Medical Assistant. She said they may also go through the American Association of Medical Assistants to become a Certified Medical Assistant. She said this is a national exam allowing them to work anywhere in the nation with their credentials.

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