Swappin’ Meetin’ contest results

October 24, 2013

Winners from the recent Pickles, Jams and Jellies contest held in conjunction with the 49th Kingdom Come Swappin’ Meetin’ include:

Jellies: First place — Lyna Cornett, hot pepper jelly; second place — Betty Fields, apple butter jelly; third place — Angie Bush, apple butter jelly.

Jams: First place — Carolyn Lewis, peach jam; second place — Debbie Saylor, blackberry jam; third place — Debbie Saylor, strawberry jam.

Relish: First place — Lyna Cornett, squash relish; second place — Theresa and Valerie Osborne, salsa; third place — Mary Lou Yaden, chow chow.

Pickles: First place — Belinda Banks, dill pickles; second place — Rosie Whitehead, squash pickles; third place — Lyna Jo Cornett, bread and butter pickles.

Winners of the 2013 Baked Goods Contest held in conjunction with the Kingdom Come Swappin’ Meetin’ include:

Cakes: First place, Dianne Corriston; second place, Frederick Williams.

Pies: First place, Judy Caulder.

Breads: First place, Barbara Ayers.

Best of Show: Judy Caulder, pecan pie.

A team assembled by SKCTC student Emily Arnee won the overall Swappin’ Meetin’ Olympics.

Harlan County High School won the event’s trophy for best participation.

The $50 first-place winner for the high school division was Erica Gilliam, of Harlan County High School.

The $50 first-place winner for middle school was Sarah Nolan, a seventh-grader from Wallins Elementary School.