Forester addresses cancelled meetings

Joe P. Asher Staff Writer

October 26, 2013

One council member expressed concern over cancelled meetings during a special-called meeting of the Harlan City Council this week.

“I know by law we’re required to have a regularly scheduled monthly meeting,” said council member Croley Forester. “I know sometimes some of us can’t be here, but the problem with scheduling a meeting like this is everybody has tons of stuff already that they are trying to work in, and when we cancel a meeting like that it throws off everything.”

Forester suggested possibly appointing council members M.G. Smith or Grady Lee to preside over a regular meeting if the mayor could not attend.

A council member asked how many regular meetings had been canceled this year.

“Three or four,” said Forester.

Mayor Danny Howard disagreed with that number, saying only two meetings had been missed this year.

“I’d say at least three, but we can look and see,” said Forester. “But even if it’s two, we’re required to have a set date — which we do — for our monthly meetings. It’s provided for in the regulations that we can have a chairman if the mayor can’t be present…we go on with the meeting.”

Howard said he had no problem with appointing a chair if he was unable to attend.

Howard asked city attorney Scott Lisenbee to look into the rules regarding such a situation.

“We’re required by law to have a regularly set monthly meeting. This is a special-called meeting — it isn’t a regular meeting. If you cancel the regular meeting for whatever reason you’re really in violation of the law,” said Forester.

Forester pointed out special-called meetings could cause scheduling conflicts for the council members.

“I don’t know if we’re advertising the meetings like we should or not, but people need to know that we’re going to have that meeting the second Monday of the month,” said Forester. “I’d really like to see us go on with that.”

The council then went into executive session during which no action was taken before adjourning.

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