Police agency receives military Humvee

Nola Sizemore Staff Writer

November 25, 2013

A military Humvee was recently obtained by the Evarts City Police Department through the Pentagon’s 1033 Military Surplus Program.

Passed in 1997 by Congress, the 1033 program gives away millions of dollars of leftover military equipment to law enforcement agencies. With police departments only having to pay the cost of delivering the gear, the costs of maintaining the equipment and insuring it falls on the respective law enforcement agencies.

“We are happy to get this new addition to our department,” said Officer William Clogston. “Through this program you can obtain things such as Humvees, computers, optics for rifles — things that can be very beneficial to a department.”

Clogston added with “times getting tough and departments trying to stretch their dollars” this program is “saving cities money across the nation.”

“This is all free — cost the city nothing,” said Clogston. “All we had to do was drive to Fort Knox, which is what Assistant Police Chief Owen Noe and I did, and pick up the equipment.”

Clogston said the police department plans to use the Humvee during inclement weather, to assist the rescue squad in getting someone injured out of the mountains, marijuana eradication and so much more.

“If this vehicle saves one life, then it was worth the trip to Fort Knox to get it,” said Clogston.

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