CSX comments upset officials

Nola Sizemore Staff Writer

December 6, 2013

The removal of old Scotia Line CSX railroad tracks near Cumberland highlighted a recent meeting of the Harlan Fiscal Court.

Harlan County Road Supervisor Marvin Goins told court members he had talked with CSX officials in Jacksonville, Fla., and they had indicated to him they were “willing to accommodate the county ” in regard to the “humps where the county roads cross the railroad tracks. “

Goins said a CSX inspector was sent to the area, and after talking with the inspector he felt the inspector “wasn’t too willing to help the county with the issue.”

“We received an email from the CSX inspector, which said most of the roads crossing the tracks were just little one lane roads leading to shanties,” said Goins. “I don’t think that was very nice. I’d like the court’s permission to contact Jacksonville and send them a copy of this email.”

Goins said there are two places, Wilder Road and Coldiron Branch, on U.S. 119 above Cumberland which are “so high it makes them dangerous.” He indicated other humps were not as bad.

“These tracks have not been used for the past 15-20 years by CSX. As a matter of fact, CSX contacted me first about this issue,” said Goins.”But, after this email went around from this inspector I think they changed their position a little bit.”

Magistrate Bill Moore said a hump was taken out in his district on Clover Fork and “it made a world of difference,” because the hump was so high a vehicle crossing over the old railroad bed lost sight of the roadway from one direction to the other.”

“We can do this ourselves,” said Goins. “Secondly, I’d like to say I don’t think our people live in shanties.”

Harlan County Judge-Executive Joe Grieshop said he wasn’t pleased with the comments made by CSX in regard to housing in the county.

The court agreed to allow Goins to contact the Jacksonville office and speak with them about the email received from the CSX inspector along with the removal of the humps.

In other court action:

*Accepted the Harlan County Sheriff’s Office’s official receipts for 2012 oil tax bills, 2013 oil tax bills, gas tax bills and limestone, sand and gravel tax bills;

*Accepted the Harlan County Clerk’s audit for the year ending Dec. 31, 2012.

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