Cawood Water District undergoing upgrade

Joe P. Asher Staff Writer

December 10, 2013

Cawood Water District is currently undergoing some upgrades intended to reduce the occurrences of leaks leading to interruption of water service for the district’s customers.

Cawood Water District Manager Pete Dean said the upgrades currently in progress involve water lines from Grays Knob to the turn into Catrons Creek.

“This is where we’ve had most of our leak problems,” said Dean. “We’re hoping it will fix a lot of it.”

Dean said the line is being replaced with better equipment.

“This line down here was PVC line,” said Dean.

According to Dean, the old PVC pipe is being upgraded to metal pipe.

“It’s the same size line — it’s 8-inch line,” said Dean. “We think this will solve some of our problems on water loss.”

Upgrade work began about three weeks ago but some bad weather has slowed the work down, according to Dean.

“We started at Rax,” said Dean. “That was the beginning of it. We’re coming along pretty good.”

Dean said the work has caused two waterline breaks so far.

According to Dean, this project will take some time to complete.

“I think we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 working days,” said Dean. “It depends on the weather.”

Dean said they hope to go all the way to Cawood with the new line.

“We hope maybe we can go a little bit further than what we’ve planned on,” said Dean. “We plan on going to the second bridge in Grays Knob. We think we’ve got enough money to go that far. We’re going until the money quits.”

According to Dean, the old line was installed in the mid 90s and this is the first upgrade since.

Dean said the Cawood Water District covers all of Cawood, Cranks Creek, Chevrolet, Grays Knob, Tway Hollow and all of Catrons Creek. The district also purchases water from Pineville in order to supply Pathfork.

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