Family Dollar fire extinguished quickly

Joe P. Asher Staff Writer

January 1, 2014

A fire resulting from roof work at the Family Dollar in Woodland Hills was extinguished before things got out of hand.

Harlan City Fire Chief Linette Hutchison said the Harlan Fire Department was paged out after midnight Sunday.

“Sometime after midnight we were paged to smoke showing at Family Dollar,” said Hutchison.

According to Hutchison, the dispatcher said there had been roofing work going on at the structure.

“We went out there and they’d been replacing the roof on the Woodland Plaza Shopping Center,” said Hutchison. “They were using a metal cutting saw to cut the old metal out.”

Hutchison said sparks from the metal saw dropped from the roof into a storeroom at Family Dollar.

“It went straight from roof to storeroom,” said Hutchison. “It caught a pallet of some plastic flowers on fire.”

Hutchison said the roofers stated they had used a dry chemical extinguisher on the fire.

“They had to have dropped through the hole in the roof to get to it,” said Hutchison. “It was a big hole, about 6 or 8 feet wide by about 12 feet across.”

Hutchison said when Harlan City Fire Department personnel arrived there was still smoke.

“It was still smoking pretty good,” said Hutchison. “We finally got in there and checked everything out to make sure it didn’t extend anywhere and put a little water on it.”

Hutchison said when emergency crews arrived it appeared the fire might have spread.

“Originally we thought maybe it was in Advance (Auto) because Advance Auto was full of smoke,” said Hutchison.

Hutchison said there was only minimal damage.

“It didn’t set the alarm off and it didn’t set the sprinklers off,” said Hutchison.

Harlan City Police also responded to the incident.

No injuries occurred due to the incident.

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