Financial officer takes another job, agrees to work part-time

Nola Sizemore Staff Writer

January 17, 2014

Reporting that Financial Officer Bill Dean had taken another job with the Bank of Harlan, Mayor Johnny Adams told members of the Lynch City Council that Dean has agreed to “help the city out” on Saturdays working part-time for a salary of $500 per month.

“Bill has agreed to work one day a week, do all the financials, paying the bills, doing the taxes and being responsible for us,” said Adams. “His hours have just been cut. He’s went from a full-time employee to a part-time one.”

Councilman Bennie Massey responded to the mayor by saying he is against this arrangement and would like to see the city hire another financial officer to work full-time. He said his reason behind this is to have someone in place in the event City Clerk Erica Eldridge became ill or quit leaving the city without anyone to do their day-to-day financial business.

Adams responded to Massey saying in his position as mayor he has the power to “hire or lay off anyone he wants.”

“This way we’re saving $1,500 a month,” said Adams. “We can’t afford to hire someone else right now. We can use this extra money to pay on some bills. We just can’t hire someone else right now Bennie. I’d like to have two more maintenance men, but we can’t afford that either.”

Council members Winston Yeary, Carl Collins and Linda Adams all agreed with the mayor saying they felt the city should keep Dean part-time and this arrangement “for as long as they can.”

“We’ve got to get ourselves out of debt,” said Linda Adams. “If we can do this six months and save $1,500 a month to pay on some of these bills I think that’s what we should do.”

Eldridge told Massey she is keeping the day-to-day financial business “going well.” She added the only thing she is not doing at this time is the city’s taxes and Dean is training her how to do the taxes.

In other action, council members approved a $1.60 per hour raise for Eldridge due to the extra work load she has taken on with Dean being placed on part-time status.

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