Echeverria named medical director of Harlan ARH Wound Care Center

Special to the Enterprise

March 10, 2014

RestorixHealth, a leading developer and manager of comprehensive wound care treatment centers and one of the nation’s quality leaders in comprehensive wound management, has announced the appointment of Dr. Jose Echeverria, as medical director of their facility, located on the third floor of Harlan ARH Hospital.

“RestorixHealth has a national reputation for excellence in wound care and I am very pleased to have the opportunity to work closely with their staff at Harlan ARH as we continue to deliver quality medical services to the people of Harlan County and the surrounding region,” said Echeverria, a Harlan physician.

The wound care center was established at Harlan in 2011 and has treated hundreds of patients with a multidisciplinary approach to chronic wound issues, including participation by board-certified physicians in a broad range of specialties. The center is staffed full time with highly-skilled nurses certified in wound care.

With advanced equipment, including two hyperbaric chambers, Harlan ARH has one of the most convenient, comprehensive and sophisticated wound care facilities in the region.

“Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is cutting-edge treatment for certain wounds and conditions,” Echeverria said. “Within 10 years, it will be necessary for all hospitals to have these HBO (hyperbaric oxygen) chambers in order to meet the standard of care.”

“People with slow-healing wounds, which have not gotten better with other treatments, no longer have to suffer,” said Echeverria. “Using leading-edge technologies, the team at Harlan ARH is completely devoted to healing problem wounds and to helping restore overall health so people can return to normal activities as quickly as possible.

“The physicians in our community have this resource available now in order to offer their patients the best chance for healing and doing so quickly,” he added. “Just the fact that almost all insurances pay for HBO therapy is an indicator that it works in the healing of chronic wounds and other conditions.”

RestorixHealth develops and manages comprehensive wound care centers of excellence that offer advanced treatment therapies along with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Founded by physicians in 1997 to treat the growing incidence of chronic, non-healing wounds, RestorixHealth’s centers utilize a quality- and data-driven approach to consistently achieve high treatment success rates, resulting in a dramatic increase in patient quality of life.

The company currently manages comprehensive centers throughout the United States in partnership with local acute care hospitals.