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Mosquito spraying to run through September

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The Loyall City Council discussed a variety of issues including E-911 addressing and mosquito control during a recent meeting.

Harlan County Emergency Management Director David McGill addressed the council.

According to the meeting minutes, McGill informed the panel he is working to improve the current E-911 system by re-mapping the entire county to ensure when an emergency happens first responders will know exactly where to respond. McGill was asked by a Loyall resident why their zip code appears as Baxter instead of Loyall. McGill explained the zip code issue is not related to E-911 but the postal service. He said after the E-911 project is complete he will be able to tackle the zip code issue.

The council passed a motion for Harlan County Emergence Management (HCEM) to take over the city’s E-911 addressing once the current project is completed.

The council also heard from Johnny Baker on behalf of the Harlan County Health Department.

The minutes state Baker advised the council the health department will be spraying for mosquitoes, focusing on areas with a lot of standing water. The spraying will be done from May until September. Baker stated he has been asking for donations all around the county, and inquired if the city would be able to donate. Mayor Clarence Longworth said he would check the budget to see if a donation could be made. Baker added one barrel of the pesticide used for mosquitoes costs approximately $4,200.

In other council activity, reports from the Loyall City Police Department and Loyall City Fire Department were read and accepted. The sewer report, street report and financial report were all accepted. All reports were accepted with no opposition.

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Mosquito spraying to run through September

Staff Report

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