Probation revoked

Man begins 5-year sentence for non-support

By Joe P. Asher -

Jackie Duff

A Cumberland man was recently ordered to serve a five-year sentence when his probation was revoked in Harlan Circuit Court.

Jackie W. Duff, 32, appeared with his attorney Cotha Hudson in front of Harlan Circuit Court Judge Kent Hendrickson on July 20. Commonwealth’s Attorney Parker Boggs handled the matter for the state.

Duff was granted probation for a period of five years on two counts of flagrant non-support contained in two separate indictments handed down by the grand jury on June 20, 2016.

The indictments state Duff persistently failed to provide support to a minor which he knew he had a duty to provide, and which he could reasonably have provided. The indictments state Duff was in arrears for not less than $1,000, had not paid in six consecutive months and/or caused the minor to be placed in destitute circumstance.

According to the final judgment orders, Duff entered pleas of guilty on both counts in Harlan Circuit Court on Dec. 14. At that time, he was sentenced to five years in prison. He was granted probation on the sentence for a period of five years to be supervised through the Office of Probation and Parole until the amount in arrears of $1,790 was paid in full. A mandatory payment of $74.59 per month was ordered. The order states failure to pay any monthly amount due shall be grounds for immediate revocation of probation.

According to the order revoking probation, Duff appeared in court on July 20 on the state’s motion to revoke probation.

The order revoking probation states Duff tested positive for methamphetamine and Suboxone while on probation. Duff also failed to complete substance abuse treatment and absconded from probation.

Hendrickson ordered Duff remanded into custody to begin serving his sentence.

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Jackie Duff Duff
Man begins 5-year sentence for non-support

By Joe P. Asher

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