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When was the last time you did something wrong? If an answer doesn’t immediately pop up in your mind, think about it for a minute then continue reading.

One trend I’ve seen growing recently is how people don’t take credit for their own sin. There is always some sort of excuse; usually some circumstance or another person, which is the reason a person is thrust into doing what they did. The individual explains that if it had not been for such and such, they would never have done (fill in the blank). Because of this few people are stepping up and taking responsibility and no one is guilty of much of anything because there is a “reason” for their actions that they had little or no control over.

Let me tell you a story. Nearly 50 years ago I was a young lad of six. We had gone to the local A & P and when we returned home, dad witnessed me taking a piece of candy out of my pocket. Dad knew we had not paid for said candy and demanded to know where I got it. I immediately pleaded temporary insanity. I told him I had every intention of putting it in the cart, but by the time we got to the checkout I had forgotten.

Regardless of my temporary memory loss the fact remained I had taken something that did not belong to me and the wheels of justice began to turn. Dad put me over his knee and gave me a good spanking. Then we got into the car, Dad drove me back to the store and I had to give the candy back with a verbal apology.

I am so thankful for dad teaching me some things that day. Since that day back in the mid-sixties I have never stolen anything and on more than one occasion, I have swallowed my pride, looked someone in the face and told them I wronged them in some way.

Moving forward about 20 years I found myself working in a grocery store, and history had an opportunity to repeat itself. I witnessed a small boy stuff a candy bar into his pocket while his mom was placing things on the counter at the checkout. I waited a couple of minutes, but when it became obvious the boy had no intention of giving the candy to his mother so she could pay for it, I told the mother of the candy in the boy’s pocket.

The first thing she did was call me a “liar” because her son “would never do such a thing.” I just asked her to look in his pocket. She did and found the candy bar.

She then tells the boy, “Give me that. I will buy it for you.” She did not say another word to me.

I’m still not sure what lessons that boy learned from his candy experience, but I know it wasn’t the same lessons I learned when I was his age. It is a shame the boy’s mom missed a good life teaching moment that day.

With parents not teaching the nitty-gritty about right and wrong and with people never being completely responsible for their actions it brings up a huge problem on an eternal scale.

Jesus Christ came to save us from our sins (Matthew 1:21). If one believes they have done nothing wrong, they will also believe they have no reason to be saved from the wrong they have done. Example: A man sitting on the beach has no reason for a life guard to pull him out of the water because he is not even in the water.

If people believe that they really haven’t sinned, then they will also believe there is no reason to be saved from their sins.

The truth is we are all sinners (Romans 3:23) and in need of a Saviour (Romans 6:23).

This trend in our society to blame our sin on our circumstances or another person is moving our society further away from God because we feel no longer need Him.

This problem goes much, much deeper than one mom not punishing her child for stealing a candy bar. There is the watering down of the scriptures, preachers who never preach on the topic of sin, the general acceptance by society of sinful actions plus many more things that is shaping this “it’s not my fault” attitude, and it is this attitude that is pushing people from recognizing their need and away from the solution of all their problems, Jesus Christ.

Preacher Johnson is pastor of Countryside Baptist Church in Parke County, Ind. He and his wife, Julie, have four grown children and 11 grandchildren. All scripture references are from the KJV. Blog: www.preacherjohnson.com email: preacherspoint@gmail.com.

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