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By Judith Victoria Hensley Plain Thoughts

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As a rule, I don’t care for big beards on men. I like the ones that are short and well groomed. As a rule, I don’t really care all that much about camo. However, just like millions of other viewers, there is something about the Robertson family that grabs my attention.

I think a lot of the show is exaggerated and a lot of the family members ham it up in front of the camera. Still, I like them. I don’t watch regularly, but if I’m flipping channels and happen to run across their show, I’ll stop and watch a while.

I do like that they are family oriented, clean enough for even little children to watch, and at the end of every show they are sitting down to a meal together, all gathered around the table, and say grace together.

If the show doesn’t accomplish anything besides making families want to gather together for a meal instead of eating at different times and taking their food to all different parts of the house, I think that in itself is a very good thing.

There are millions of followers who watch Duck Dynasty weekly. I started thinking about what it might be that draws so many viewers back to them time and again.

Maybe we are sick of “reality shows” where one man is pursued by twenty-four beauties all at the same time and vice versa. Maybe we are sick of little girls painted up like 30 year olds prancing across the stage for a trophy.

Maybe we are sick of watching shows where other people tell us how to dress, what to wear, and what to eat.

Maybe we’re tired of people getting voted off of islands and voted into the next round of performance competitions.

Television may have hundreds of channels available, but there still isn’t that much worthwhile to choose from.

I came to my own conclusion that people might just be attracted to Duck Dynasty because of men who know how to be manly men – tough as nails, rugged, loving and not afraid to step up and be the heads of their households. I get tired of looking at pretty boys on TV with perfect hair, perfect smiles, and clothes that look like they just walked out of a catalogue or off of a runway.

Women who date that kind of men probably worry about whether or not they look as good as the man does. If you broke down beside of the road on a date with that kind of guy, you might have to wait for roadside assistance to come and rescue him.

I think we still want to believe that there are still some good-hearted, Godly men who know how to work hard, play hard, love hard, love God, love their families, and who can still fix things that get broken.

Looks are not as important in a man as feeling like he can provide and protect. We want role models for our little boys to be like and our little girls to grow up and marry – men who are not afraid to work hard, get dirty, and make their dreams turn into a reality – like making a fortune off of duck calls.

For all of the working men out there who have beards, shave their whole heads, wear camo (or work uniforms), come home tired at the end of the day, say grace at the table and love your families – whether you work in the coal mines, in a factory, drive a truck, pick up trash, dig ditches, run oil drills, climb telephone poles, or repair vehicles – America still needs you. You’re the kind of guys that have held this country together and built a firm foundation on which the rest of the country stands.

God bless you, every one!

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