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By Judith Victoria Hensley

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In this time in our history as a nation, if ever a president needed prayer, this one does.

Some people stand behind every word President Obama says and every move he makes just because he’s a Democrat, and some do it just because he is the first African-American president. I personally choose to think for myself and weigh the facts in the balance.

I was not for him in the first election because I felt like he didn’t have enough experience as a public servant, nor any military background to have proved him under pressure. He was young, good looking, brilliant, and a great orator back in the beginning. As impressive as he was, I just wasn’t convinced he had the experience to carry him through. I wanted Colin Powell to run for the office. I would have voted for him in a heartbeat and skin color had nothing to do with it. I also like what Ben Carson has to say about America and the intelligent way he looks at things and the possibility of his presidential run in the future.

In the beginning I think President Obama was looking for an American Utopia where all men and women are equal regardless of race, religion, or political perspective, and everyone shared the wealth. He just didn’t realize that even when given the opportunity, there are those who don’t want to have to work for it. They simply feel entitled for someone else to give it to them. I think he thought everyone ought to get behind him and follow him down the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City and not question, or disagree with anything that came from the office of the great and powerful Oz.

That was a fairy tale. Americans have been forced to accept changes in policy that didn’t go through the normal channels, had decisions forced on us as a society that the silent majority of us still do not approve, and been treated as if our opinions really don’t matter because we are inferior and just don’t catch the right vision from Washington D.C., that maybe we are not smart enough to get the big picture.

To disagree with this administration will get a person labeled as a hater, intolerant, a racist or a Christian radical. I am none of those.

The reason we need to pray for this president, OUR president of the United States is because he IS the man at the head of our nation. He represents us to the rest of the world. None of the other countries cared if we elected a white man, a black man, pink, purple polka-dotted, or a woman of any of those colors. What the rest of the world is concerned with is if we have a strong leader or a weak one calling the shots.

The world stage is filled with players both good and evil and the world economy is stacked like a house of cards so that if a weak one fails, the rest will come crashing down.

Let’s make it simple. What happens when you have a playground bully who has been raised like a heathen, has no guidance, no morals, and no one to stop him? Does he “play nice” because the good kids really want him to? Absolutely not. He will terrorize, run over, take advantage of “nice” kids, and make everyone’s life miserable, until one of the nice kids finally gets fed up and punches him in the nose, or until several kids get together and whip the living daylights out of him. Bully problem ended.

We need to pray for our president because he has failed to grasp that his true power comes from the citizens of the United States standing behind him, and the rest of the world knowing that he is strong enough to punch the bullies in the nose before one problem child gathers up a whole gang of bullies to follow him.

Often times on the school yard, a strong and silent student doesn’t have to fight because the bullies have figured out that if they keep pushing, he will come out fighting and he won’t stop until the score is settled.

We need to pray for our president, that he will surround himself with godly men of wisdom and experience instead of pushing them all away in favor or less experienced, flatterers with their own agenda. We need to pray that he will hear from God and take the stand of a strong, committed America that will stand for what is right, fight when pressed to it, and who will not leave the door open for the world’s bullies to come in the back door onto our own shores. If ever a man needed the united prayers of a nation to support him, and bring clarity of thought and guidance in diplomacy, it is this president.

May God bless and guide President Obama in the days ahead, fill him with clear understanding, and give him a vision of the right decisions and their outcome. Agree or disagree with him, he is still the president and he needs our prayers.

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