Letter to the Editor


For the past few weeks, my husband Ronnie and I have been making phone calls and writing letters trying to get something done for our road U.S. 421 going across Pine Mountain from Baxter to Bledsoe. We have talked to federal, state and local officials.

My husband and I wrote an article for the newspaper, but I suppose nobody read it or gave it any thought. We are only two people and can only do so much.

We were told that there is no money to fix our roads. Where did the coal severance money go to and where does all the state and federal money go to? Certainly not on U.S. 421.

We have walked the north side of Pine Mountain and it is very obvious that the road starts breaking off just below the rock quarry.

Does anyone else not see this or don’t care? What will happen when the road completely falls off? Will there be vehicles or a loaded school bus on this piece of road when it gives away? Then, will something get done?

Almost every day, something is in the newspaper about tourism. How do you promote tourism when we don’t have roads for people to travel on? Harlan County is absolutely a beautiful place and has a lot to be seen in every direction.

Also, another area that needs something done is KY 221 on Straight Creek in Bell County (near Mill Creek).

Harlan County needs to wake up and see that we will never have any industry or anything else here, unless we have the roads for big trucks to get in and out on.

Please help us to try and get something done.

Marsha Lee Cook


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