Mothers: Warriors in the life of children

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Some time ago my son was going through a very difficult time. I had shed many tears as my heart broke for him and I prayed fervently for God’s intervention.

Quite unexpectedly I had a vision of a person crouched in a dark corner of a cellar. Through the ceiling I saw horrible looking demonic creatures staring down at him with fangs bared and claws extended, wanting desperately to destroy him. Between these creatures and the figure huddled in the corner stood a woman in full battle armor. Her sword was drawn, two hands on the hilt, standing at the ready should the creatures dare come any closer.

Light emanated out of her, through her and formed a glorious force field between her and the unprotected individual in the corner. She was amazing to behold, a fearsome warrior queen ready for battle. I thought, “Oh, my goodness. She is beautiful! God has sent an angel to stand between my son and the darkness.”

I was quite unprepared for what I heard next. “She is you. MOTHER.”

In my heart I immediately thought that I never looked so powerful, beautiful or incredible. Then I realized that mother warriors are everywhere. The vision I saw was of a mother doing warfare for the child she loved. She had on the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the sword of the word, with her feet shod with the Gospel. She had on the full armor of God.

There isn’t a mother alive whose child has not been faced with some difficulty in life. We often feel so helpless as we watch our precious ones deal with what life has thrown at them. But we are not powerless as mothers. Our prayers avail much. We can make a difference. The power of life and death is in our tongue in our prayers over our beloved children and what we speak to them and about them.

There are those with a mother’s heart who have never given birth to a natural child, but have taken the children born by others into their hearts and even into their homes to raise. In an age when women are so desperate to be thought of as equal to men with equal respect, equal opportunities and equal pay, society seems to be underestimating the value of women who put the charge of motherhood before other ambitions for a season in their lives.

Motherhood is a noble calling and an unparalleled opportunity to shape the life of another human being for good. Not all women hold motherhood in the same esteem. Some don’t ever have children because they have other plans for life. Some have children which they did not want. Some want children because it is what society or their family expects of them.

I have begun a book project about the Mother: Warrior vision. I would love to hear from any mother who knows in her heart that God has called her to be a warrior in the life of a child or grandchild. I would love to hear about answered prayers and or miracles of answered prayers for a child to be included in the book. I can be contacted through the newspaper if anyone is interested in hearing more details.

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Judith Victoria Hensley

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