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Tim Mills - Until then

On every day of the current calendar year someone, somewhere is celebrating a birthday. For children the importance of the day is marked in the early years by our parents. Remembering our first or second birthday is best reflected with photos taken and looked at later in our lives. These earlier photos reminders provide us a glimpse back in time. We marvel in laughter at hairdos and clothing realizing that time has a way of changing things ever so uniquely.

My siblings and I are each a part of the baby boomers generation. The benefits of this distinction include some historical moments that I believe the younger generation are well served by being reminded of from our personal lives and our time back in the day.

I’ve never been a fan of the television soaps fan of “Another World” or “As the World Turns” but it all began in 1964. Think about the salaries of this year, 2015 and look back to the year 1964 when the average yearly income was $5,880. I grew up watching a black and white television watching the original Bewitched, Addams Family, Lost in Space, Flipper and yes, Gilligan’s Island.

Reflecting on birthday’s can be a lot of fun. I remember the big brown bear my aunt, Imogene Mills, bought me when I was 3 (which I still have), and I remember the train cake my mother made me too. I also remember the words of my grandfather, C.H. Mills, when we moved from Warren, Michigan to Kentucky.

He asked my parents when loading up a U-Haul “Just how many toys do these kids have?” Obviously he thought no matter the answer to the number of toys we had, we had too many toys. To a child the statement might seem mean. How dare someone take toys away, but in proper perspective it was a valid question.

Comparing my childhood to my grandfather’s, and even my parents, is a totally different experience than mine. On my grandfather’s birthday he was fortunate and felt really blessed to receive candy, nuts or fruits. His parents strived hard to make sure once a year he had new bib overalls. A growing foot received hand me down shoes before receiving your own pair of boots which were to be used for working. Any toys he received were handmade, so if my grandfather thought I had too many toys. He was probably correct.

The best gifts are personal. Personal gifts include a phone call, card and your favorite desert back then. The personal has evolved today into text messages, emails and posts on Facebook. There is one gift that still requires an old fashion conversation.

The best gift anyone can receive is offered by Jesus Christ. The Bible says that “He stands at the door and knocks.” To accept His gift on your birthday or any day will require your acknowledgment. Accepting His forgiveness lasts for eternity.

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Tim Mills

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